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Camp Verde BugleSaturday, June 22, 2013

Emergency Meeting at the Ranch House
Shareholders petition to remove directors from BC Corp.

Raquel Hendrickson
Bugle Managing Editor

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Ranch House Restaurant was purchased by the BCCDC in 2011 and restored by volunteers.
LAKE MONTEZUMA - An emergency meeting of the Beaver Creek Community Development Corporation turned into a drive to oust two directors Thursday afternoon.

With staff of the Ranch House Restaurant being told that morning that the struggling restaurant was closing immediately, half of the Board of Directors called a 5 p.m. meeting. About 30 shareholders attended, many complaining of decisions made by interim President Maggie Holt and Secretary Janet Aniol.

Board member Bill Smith opened the meeting by calling it a "serious emergency situation."

By the end of the meeting, they had passed around a petition calling for the removal of Holt and Aniol as directors. Neither attended the meeting. Aniol was out of town dealing with family issues.

Contacted after the meeting, Holt would not comment. Aniol read the minutes and disputed many claims made at the meeting.

One-time president Kala Pearson gave attendees her summation of the financial condition of the restaurant. Two years ago, the BCCDC bought the Ranch House Restaurant and the golf course, which includes attached water rights. The corporation owes $770,000, plus interest, according to Pearson.

Pearson said in its peak month (last September), the restaurant took in $35,000, but expenses have been $30,000 to $35,000 monthly. She said winter months are hard on every restaurant, but "March, April and June should have been very good.

"The last five months of management has been negligent," Pearson said.

Aniol pointed out that board member Gary Hilbers and Chef Chrissie Hathor have been managing the restaurant since Kala was voted off the board. Aniol has not managed the restaurant part of the BCCDC's business.

"The restaurant has a large kitchen staff for so few customers," she said. "I have been a minority begging for downsizing the cooking staff, shrinking the menu, and getting some professional advice in order to start small and less costly and work from there."

Chef Chrissie works with two cooks at the Ranch House. They were the first ones told that the restaurant was closing its doors.

"Our Thursday payroll was $5,700 for two weeks," Aniol explained. "During that same two weeks we had $4,000 in sales. This did not cover payroll or anything toward food and beverage costs.  The best decision seemed to be to quit digging a hole and to hunker down -- pay the mortgage and insurance and see if we couldn't sell the property."

Pearson said the restaurant's slide started after she stepped down because of legal issues.

Pearson has been under indictment for allegedly taking money unlawfully from a property owners association and giving it to the restaurant. Attorneys are in the last stages of working out a settlement.

"I'm sorry. I apologize. What I did was wrong," Pearson said, adding that her dealings - which she did not describe in detail - were well intentioned. "I apologize that my actions caused a division in the community."

She said her husband Frank Greene made immediate financial restitution.

Aniol said the upscale, large-scale nature of the restaurant as managed by Pearson started the financial problems. "Soon she was writing NSF checks, not paying all employees, not paying payroll taxes, not paying the mortgage and not paying tradesmen," she said.

"Maggie Holt and I started in January to make bad checks good and proceed on a cash basis. We are proud that we have bounced zero checks, paid employees and completed the catch up on payroll taxes. With the help of some community donors we were able get W-2's released from the payroll company in time for employees to file taxes. Unfortunately in April the payroll company found that they had left off our two highest-paid employees in figuring what we owed, so they billed us again. The IRS billed us the same week for penalties, interest and late fees on the back W-2 taxes. We paid that."

But there was more. The BCCDC wrote a $20,000 check to the property owners association whose money had ended up in the Ranch House Coalition without authorization.

"Last month the bank informed us that we are $9,000 in the red in that account and will close it at the end of this month," Aniol said. "We add funds every two weeks in order to make the paychecks good and Maggie purchases the food and beverages for the restaurant."

However, those attending Thursday's meeting, including restaurant staff, applauded Pearson and were more concerned with the way they said Holt and Aniol were managing the properties.

They complained about closed board meetings, getting no access to financial papers, committees not being allowed to fulfill their tasks, unilateral decisions that did not involve the shareholders as well as general service at the restaurant. They were blamed for committee members resigning and ignoring employee ideas.

"Christie Hathor requested and received monthly statements from the bookkeeper and these were prepared for board members at the start of each month," Aniol countered. "The basic situation did not change since the time of Maggie's very honest public meeting at the end of March.  I've heard rumors that $20,000 is available to keep the restaurant open.  If that is true, I don't know why that information wasn't shared with the board.  That would have changed the decision about closing."

Hathor said she is hoping everyone will come back to the restaurant and give them another try. Among proposed changes are bigger promotion of the Ranch House pizza, a shortened menu and improved quality.

The 100-acre golf course that is the center of the community is currently offering a driving range and "pasture" golf. Three pumps have been repaired and other work completed. The course has 2,600 acre feet of water rights.

Those water rights have brought interest and one letter of intent - but no offer - from at least three potential buyers for the golf course and restaurant. The board listed them as the Agape Aqua & Harmony Group, Ken Stephens group and the Yavapai-Apache Nation. Aniol said that, so far, all of the potential buys intend to use at least some of the water rights elsewhere.

The water rights, Pearson said, "are the biggest asset Beaver Creek has. We have to be very careful and vet whoever will be owning this."

Aniol suggested that the board keep all necessary water rights for the 110 acres and that any sold-off excess water rights not be removed from the creek until after passing the downstream boundary of the Montezuma-Rimrock Fire District below Montezuma Castle. She also wants to see stipulations that cart paths stay open for pedestrian use before and after golf play on the course, and that the lake stay filled to meet permitting requirements of the Arizona Game & Fish Department.

She also wants to see that new owners keep the Ranch House Restaurant intact.

"I also plan to request if I am involved that RH members have their 10-percent discount honored for at least the first year of operation by new owners and that the restoration golf members be recognized with the offer of discounted play for the first year after the course is renovated," Aniol stated. "We continue to lose potential offers due to Kala's involvement and problems that a community rift could cause."

Meanwhile, the BCCDC is trying to re-staff the Board of Directors and find ways to keep the restaurant open. Pearson said that could mean asking employees to take a pay deferment and asking note-holder Seth Williams to take a three-month deferment on payment, as well, until they are back on their feet.

"It was three years in the making," Pearson said. "Let's not let those three years go down the drain."

Camp Verde Bugle  Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Adopt-A-Hole: Can golf return to Beaver Creek?

Steve Ayers
Staff Reporter

The Beaver Creek Development Corporation, the community-owned organization that recently reopened the Ranch House Restaurant in Lake Montezuma, is now raising money to reopen the Beaver Creek Golf Course.
LAKE MONTEZUMA - With the Ranch House Restaurant now up and running, the attention of the Beaver Creek Development Corporation is now turning toward reopening their beloved golf course.

This month the community-owned corporation is launching its Adopt-a-Hole program, designed to raise enough money to fix at least nine green, which will be enough to get the storied course up and running.

"Right now our biggest challenge is getting the greens back in shape," says Dave Niehuis, chairman of the Beaver Creek Golf Course Development Committee. "The tee boxes and the fairways are pretty much ready to go. If we had the greens finished we could be playing golf now."

Getting the golf course up and running by next spring is paramount to the keeping the entire rebuilding project moving forward, says BCDC President Kala Pearson.

"The golf course has always been the economic driver. And the restaurant depends on it being up and running," says Pearson.

The group is exploring several options, each designed to bring money to the project.

"First off we are hoping to engage the entire region in the golf course project. So far we haven't seen the participation we had envisioned from the area outside of Beaver Creek.

"And without that support it's going to be tough. When it was open, Beaver Creek attracted gofers from all over, and now that we want to reopen it we are asking for help on a regional basis," says Niehuis.

The Adopt-a-Hole program offers corporate or private investors, advertising and club membership for three years in exchange for a $12,000 donation. Hole number three (the old number 12) is available for a $16,000 donation.

Niehuis says the corporation is also looking at fixing up some of the holes for "disc golf," also known as Frisbee golf.

"Frisbee golf is becoming increasingly popular. It even has a pro tour, with professional golfers like Bubba Watson on board. We are looking into equipping nine golf holes with 18 Frisbee golf holes -- anything to raise some money and get folks interested in helping out," he says.

Beaver Creek Golf Course has also been partnering with Forest Highlands Golf Course in Flagstaff and has benefited from equipment donations as well as professional advice.

"They are a great partner, but in the end we need cash to get it up and running and cash to keep it going," says Pearson.

Anyone interested in helping with the golf course rebuilding program is ask to call Niehuis at (602) 502-7850 or Pearson at (928) 301-9317.

Remarkable Ranch House Restaurant reopens
Chef John Hoelting will be recreating the tradition steakhouse menu with a all-natural beef twist, some seasonal local produce infused offerings and creations of his own.VVN/Steve Ayers
Chef John Hoelting will be recreating the tradition steakhouse menu with a all-natural beef twist, some seasonal local produce infused offerings and creations of his own.

VVN/Steve Ayers

VVN/Steve AyersThe famous bar at the Ranch House has reopened as the Rusty Spur Lounge, featuring its own menu specialty drinks and a list of Arizona wines.
VVN/Steve Ayers

The famous bar at the Ranch House has reopened as the Rusty Spur Lounge, featuring its own menu specialty drinks and a list of Arizona wines.
Ranch House Restaurant hours
Mon to Thursday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Fri and Sat 11 a.m. to Midnight

Sun Brunch 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Steve Ayers
Staff Reporter

The doors to the Beaver Creek community's beloved Ranch House Restaurant are open once again.

The building, which has seen its share of movie stars and starlets, business moguls and cowboys, is once again a part of the community that grew up around its storied past.

It is a welcome sight for so many who have worked for so long. For the rest of us, it is worthy of a pilgrimage, not only to celebrate its singularly unique revival, but also to enjoy some damn good food.

Three years ago, the restaurant and its adjoining golf course, the epicenter of the Beaver Creek universe, collapsed, the victim of a sour economy.

But unlike some communities that have chosen to accept their fate, the residents of lake Montezuma, McGuireville and Rimrock chose to take matters into their own hands.

They raised $300,000, most of it from amongst themselves, then purchased the restaurant, the clubhouse and the surrounding golf course. Then, over the course of the last year or so, they donated thousands of hours to ensure its success.

It is the kind of stuff from which movies are made.

This Saturday, Sept. 1, the Ranch House Restaurant officially opens its doors to the world. The owner, which in this case is the Beaver Creek Development Corporation, a company owned by the citizens of Beaver Creek, is now ready to show off this remarkable achievement.

There will be a ribbon cutting at 11 a.m., followed by a barbecue and music all day. In the evening, the Dina Preston Band will perform as the restaurant serves up its steakhouse-style menu.

In its heyday, the Ranch House Restaurant was famous for generously portioned meals at reasonable prices. That philosophy will carry over to Ranch House II.

"It is an old-time style restaurant with a modern-day approach. We will keep many of the traditions, but we now offer all natural beef, no hormones, no antibiotics, and we will take advantage of the valley's fresh produce market by serving seasonal dishes also," says manager Kala Pearson.

There are plenty of meals in the $10 range; the most expensive is a 12-ounce filet mignon for $25. Tuesdays are taco night, Thursdays fried chicken, Friday fish and Saturday prime rib.

Monday, Wednesday and Sunday is chef's choice, an opportunity to revel in the creations of Chef John Hoelting. All natural beef hamburgers, quarter or half pound, are available everyday, along with the menu of chicken and chops, seafood, sandwiches, salads and steaks.

The restaurant's famous bar has also reopened, this time as the Rusty Spur Lounge. Hoelting and his staff are still working to recreate the Ranch House's famous Bloody Mary, and promise that once perfected it will be, like everything else connected with the storied restaurant, worth coming back for.

Camp Verde Bugle

Ranch House opening delayed until July 25
Steve Ayers
Staff Reporter
Thursday, July 05, 2012

VVN/Steve Ayers
Crews of volunteers and professionals are putting the final cosmetic touches on the Ranch House Restaurant in Beaver Creek. The structural work is completed. The kitchen equipment will be installed next week and the final cosmetic finishes thereafter.
The Ranch House Coalition plans to have the historic Ranch House Restaurant ready for a members-only reception on July 22 and a soft opening for the residents of Beaver Creek on Wednesday, July 25. A grand opening is planed for Sept. 1.
BEAVER CREEK - "Every wall we opened up had problems, and behind every problem was another one."

Kala Pearson's quote should be etched in bronze and placed on a plaque outside the entrance to the Ranch House Restaurant so all who enter can fully appreciate what has taken place over the last year.

It was on July 5, 2011, with beaming smiles, brimming optimism and the sweep of a pen, Pearson and the members of the Ranch House Coalition took possession of the historic, albeit dilapidated, building.

The first four months were spent exploring -- poking holes in places that hadn't seen the light of day in decades and uncovering things long hidden from public view.

The next four months was spent planning the fix and, all too often, uncovering more problems.

But since spring, volunteers and professionals alike have spent every day of every week putting the community landmark back together again, and doing so in a fashion they are proud of.

The plan, which has changed several times over the last year, was to open to the public this Saturday, July 7. But the plan has changed again. The new opening date, at least as far as the public is concerned, is July 25

And, not wanting to leave anything to chance, the official grand opening has been scheduled for Sept. 1.

Pearson, who has carried on the role of project manager and purser since the beginning, says she has learned to take it in stride, choosing to stick to her principles and not to a fixed schedule.

"I have told people all along, in spite of the setbacks we have come across, that there are two ways to do this -- the right way and the wrong way. I -- we -- have chosen to do it the right way," she says.

As of this week, the structural work has been completed, the electrical, plumbing, roof, exterior walls and the dry wall. What's left is cosmetic.

Pearson says they will begin moving the equipment back into the kitchen this Sunday, hooking it up with the assistance of some eager and capable volunteers from Northern Arizona University next week, and begin putting everything through its paces soon thereafter.

"We have hired a chef, our wait staff and almost all other personnel. That side of the equation is done," she says.

Pearson has the same smile she had a year ago. And, beneath the paint and plaster coating her hands and face and clothes, the same optimism is still brimming, knowing the project she has given more than a year of her life for is about to clear the goal line.

When it's done, she says she is going to take a few days off to do her laundry.  Then, she says, she has a golf course to fix up.

Pro-Shop & Driving Range for BC Golf Course Opened!

The Pro-Shop officially opened for business at 8 AM Thursday and was checked outPro-Shop enthusiastically by coalition volunteers who will be offering friendly assistance Thursday through Sunday from 8 AM to 4 PM.  Manager Ken Stephens shares that he & the crew (Lee Weller, Joann Niehuis, Mikki Weissinger, Don Loucks, Sandy Newell, Max Clements, Gary Hilbers, and Maggie Holt) are looking forward to selling Tee and polo shirts, new golf balls, drinks, snacks, and artwork to old and new friends.  Golf instruction from visiting pro, Mike Bishop, can be scheduled at the Pro-shop.  25% of those fees will go to help restore the Beaver Creek Golf Course. 

Driving RangeThe driving range is also open during those same hours.  A small bucket of range balls is $3.00 and a large bucket (60+) of range balls is $5.00.  Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card are accepted.  Please call 567-4487 during shop hours for further information or contact Ken Stephens at   If you would like to volunteer to work at the Pro-Shop/driving range, please leave your contact information at the shop or email Ken.

Thursday, October 06, 2011
Ranch House fund-raiser nets $20,000 plus
Steve Ayers
Staff Reporter

VVN/Steve Ayers
Last weekend’s Round-Up fund-raiser for the Ranch House Coalition in Beaver Creek netted nearly $20,000 plus a couple yet-to-be-sold vintage vehicles. The event raised enough money to begin roof and structural repairs. The plan is to have the restaurant open by the end of the year.

BEAVER CREEK - The Ranch House Coalition's Round-Up fund-raiser raised nearly $20,000 in cash. According to event organizer Kala Pearson, it is enough to get the project started immediately.

Held on Saturday, Oct. 1, at the golf course and restaurant the group plans to bring back to life, the all-day affair included a silent auction, games, music and food.

About 1,200 area residents, along with a few outsiders, came to show their support.

And sometime during the party, one of those supporters offered up a couple of items, which, once they are turned to cash, should give the coalition all of the money it needs to finish rebuilding the Ranch House Restaurant, their most immediate goal.

"We received a 1970, all original, all prime condition, Mustang and a 1970 Chevy pick-up, also prime condition and all original. We are hoping they will get us all we need," Pearson says.

Prior to the fund-raiser, Pearson said the group needed around $30,000 to put a roof on the building, fix the hole in the dancehall wall where a cottonwood fell through a few years ago and rebuild the kitchen from the ground up.

"We've got enough for our roof, provided we can fix it barn-raising style with a lot of community volunteers, and will also get the hole fixed, right away. The rainy season is coming," Pearson says.

With the dream nudging ever so close to reality, Pearson thinks the coalition can have the restaurant open by the end of the year.

"We are moving ahead with the renovation plans," she says. "We will see how far it all goes, if we can cover it. We think we can cover it right after we sell the vehicles.

"The event was 1,000 percent worth all the effort of the over 25 people on the committee who put it together."

Polishing the Gem

Fund-raiser kicks off Ranch House project at golf course
The Dina Preston Band will headline a line up of all-day music that includes Toucan Eddy Band, the Outlaws, The Switchbacks and Hired Hands.
The Dina Preston Band will headline a line up of all-day music that includes Toucan Eddy Band, the Outlaws, The Switchbacks and Hired Hands.

The Ranch House Round-Up’s silent auction and raffle will includes art, jewelry, collectables, antiques and even a 50 pound amethyst geode. The kitchen of the Ranch House Restaurant has been gutted to bare walls and raftered ceiling.
The Ranch House Round-Up’s silent auction and raffle will includes art, jewelry, collectables, antiques and even a 50 pound amethyst geode. The kitchen of the Ranch House Restaurant has been gutted to bare walls and raftered ceiling.

Steve Ayers
Staff Reporter


BEAVER CREEK - A few months ago, while hosting the annual Beaver Creek Garden Tour, Verna Shafer got a call from two out-of-town visitors.

The visitors, two ladies from Beverly Hills, were full of questions. "Tell me about the tour." "What can I expect?" "Where on earth is Beaver Creek?"

Well acquainted with the affluent side of society from her years as an interior designer, Shafer wasn't expecting the two gracious women who eventually made their way to the banks of Beaver Creek.

Nor will she forget what they said when their visit was over.

"Even though the golf course was knee high in weeds and tall grass, they told me we had a hidden gem of a community. All it needed was a little polish," Shafer says.

Ever since the community stepped up in a big way and purchased the center of their universe, specifically the dilapidated Ranch House Restaurant and the overgrown 100-acre Beaver Creek Golf Course, a lot of polishing has been going on.

Volunteers have gutted the kitchen to the rafters. The irrigation system is running once again. And parts of the golf course look remarkably like a golf course, once again.

But it didn't take much money to gut the restaurant, clean out the irrigation ditches or cut the grass.

The part of the project that will cost the big bucks, however, the installation of a commercial kitchen for the restaurant, will.

"We are concentrating our efforts on the restaurant first. It is our revenue generator for everything else we plan to do," says RHC President Kala Pearson.

With that in mind, the Ranch House Coalition, the non-profit behind the resurrection, will host its inaugural community-wide/valley-wide fund-raiser, known as the Ranch House Round-Up on Saturday, Oct 1.

They hope to be well on their way to raising the $30,000 needed for the kitchen by day's end.

To raise that kind of money, the coalition has planned a full day of musical entertainment, an old west barbecue and beer bar, games like Frisbee golf and horseshoes and slew of other activities.

The lineup of bands includes the headliner, Dina Preston Band, along with local groups Toucan Eddy Band, The Outlaws, The Switchbacks and Hired Hands. Verde Valley Sounds will also be spinning some dance music.

And will also be a silent auction and a raffle for art, jewelry, dinners, golf stuff, antiques, collectables, even a 50-pound amethyst geode.

The party runs from noon to 8 p.m., at the Beaver Creek Golf Course Clubhouse, 4250 N. Montezuma Ave., in beautiful downtown Lake Montezuma. Take I-17 to exit 293 and follow the signs.

Admission is $2 for adults, $1 for kids 5 to 12 and free for those under 5.

Beaver Creek Golf Course/Ranch House Update - September 15, 2011

During September a major focus of the Coalition has been getting ready for the first annual Ranch House Round-Up fundraiser.  Volunteer roofers are ready to put a new roof on the Ranch House and fix the hole in the wall, however funds are needed for the materials andChris in Kitchen supplies required to get that done.  Information about the event follows in the last paragraph of this section.

Through mid-September volunteers have cleared the main ditch and filled the lake; irrigation repairs have been completed to the front 9 fairways (previously, back 9) and watering to them begun.  Maintenance equipment and some mowers have been acquired and full tune-ups are underway.  MR-FD did a controlled burn of the slash pile as a wild-land training exercise. The restaurant kitchen demolition (non-load bearing walls) has been completed for the redesign for safer, more efficient usage.  The pro-shop has been cleaned and stocking begun.  Logos were designed and selected.  The planning and ad campaign is underway for the Ranch House Round-Up.Kitchen Work

Special thanks to:

·         The Man Cave Shop Gang:  Mike-Randy-Paul-Tom-Ron of Lake Montezuma & Rimrock

·         The Kitchen Krewe:  Chris-Patrick & the Shop Gang of Lake Montezuma & Rimrock

·         The Field Bosses:  Frank & Dave of McGuireville & Rimrock

·         Sons of Ditches and Ladies of the Lake:  too many to mention throughout Beaver Creek

·         Volunteer Special Thanks:  Richard Reece, architect with Reece-Angell-Rowe Architects of Flagstaff & Phoenix

 The pro-shop will be open soon, the restaurant in the December/January time frame, and the first nine holes on temporary greens will be ready for play in the spring.  (Dates are subject to change.)  If you are interested in donating to the RHR-U silent auction, please call Verna at 928-567-3269 or email Sandy at  To register your business or non-profit organization as a Round-Up vendor, please call Richard Casmier at 928-592-0232 or email Dave

Ranch House Round-Up.  The first annual Ranch House Round-Up will be Saturday, October 1, on the Beaver Creek Golf Course driving range at 4250 Montezuma Avenue, Lake Montezuma,  from High Noon until 8 PM.  RHR-U is a community fundraiser to help restore the Ranch House Restaurant and the golf course.  Fun for the whole family is planned which includes:  live music, Verde Valley's largest line dance, horses, Ranch House BBQ, an Old West Beer Bar, birdie and disc golf, a silent auction and raffle, commercial and non-profit vendors and much more.  Adults $2, children 5 - 12 $1 and free under age 5.  Sponsored by the Ranch House Coalition, Beaver Creek Community Development Corp and Beaver Creek Kiwanis with  additional information at

Beaver Creek eNews
August 12, 2011
Catching Up with the Ranch House Coalition at Work on the Beaver Creek Golf Course


Dear Neighbors

Mid-August is here with the usual monsoon evening thunder storm and lightening shows with sometimes a little rain.  The clouds and rainbows are especially beautiful, too.  Students have started back to school, so now it seems like a good to catch up with the Ranch House Coalition.

The community non-profit has owned the Ranch House Restaurant and Beaver Creek Golf Course (110+ acres) for about 5 weeks.  There are no paid employees.  Some volunteers are working at their trades or learning new ones, while new volunteers come by almost daily.  As President Kala Pearson often says, "we don't have a shoestring budget, we have a barefoot Rentalbudget".  This means that much of the time the Coalition is paying only for materials and parts.  Somehow it's all working out so that every aspect of the project is moving forward.

Work on the residential rental (the green house) is complete.  The Lake Montezuma Realty is handling the rental which is now shown on Craig's List at

The proshop has been cleaned and is in the process of being stocked.  After the restrooms have had an ADA upgrade; it will open September 1, Thursdays through Sundays, times yet to be scheduled.  Range balls will be available for the driving range, and Mike Bishop, the course pro, will begin to schedule lessons.

Sons of DitchesThe Sons of Ditches and Ladies of the Lake have worked hard to restore water to Lake Montezuma.   There is a strong water flow and the sprinkler system was operated for the first time today.  Currently nine holes are planned to be ready for golfing by late spring.  These holes will return to their original numbers, meaning that holes 3 and 4 will now be off of 3rd Fairway Drive.sprinklers 2

The Ranch House Restaurant is still on target to reopen on December 1.  To aid in that effort, an activity and concert day on the driving range (The Ranch House Round-Up) is planned for Saturday, October 1, as a fundraiser.  The Coalition website at  has lots of current and historical information as well as being the place to donate or pledge.  Please don't forget that this is a community effort that puts a donation of any size to good use. 

Thank you to all who have volunteered time or donated funds or equipment.  Too many to name here, but the Ranch House will need the largest thank you name plaque ever made!

See you out & about

          . . . . . . . . the calendar crew 

That Historic Moment--36 Days Ago


Today, July 6, 2011, the Beaver Creek Community Development Corporation bought the Ranch House Restaurant and Beaver Creek Golf Club.  The non-profit was formed


Treasurer Walt Miller and President Kala Pearson check over the wire transfer documents

by the Ranch House Coalition to accomplish that assignment.  Now RHC members have lots of work ahead to finance, repair, clean, meet safety and health standards, mow, water, decorate, paint and advertise our dining and recreation facilities.

President Kala Pearson meets later today with the seller's manager, Seth Williams, for the official passing of the keys.  The transfer of title was held up from the original July 1 date in order for the seller to receive the release of an IRS lien.  The clear title has been recorded with Yavapai County as of this date.  The first work party is scheduled for the weekend of July 16/17 as it will take several days to finish the priorities list.

Lake Montezuma is on its way back!!!


It has been a journey for the past several months as Chris Bosman, partner in 3 Family Tree Chris BosmanLandscaping, has volunteered time, equipment, and expertise to help his community namesake begin to refill.  By regulating the overflow from the main pond down the connecting ditch to Lake Montezuma, Chris has kept the refilling of the lake going Trevorat a slow, steady pace in order to reduce ground absorption of the water.  And now Lake Montezuma has returned!

To celebrate this event, Chris and son, Trevor, recently planted an Arizona Ash on the point jutting out into the lake.  Their donated tree will provide nesting for the popular blue herons which feed in Lake Montezuma. 

Lake Montezuma provides an opportunity for us to fish, bird watch, and enjoy the view.  Please use it with respect and report those who don't share well with the rest of us to the Ranch House Coalition at 567-4722.

More Sons of Ditches step up to increase water flow


For the past two months members of the community have taken turns as Sons of Ditches.  TheyCARS have cleaned out about a mile of ditches, cut down fallen trees, and removed bee hives.  These efforts were successful and resulted in a low flow of water which slowly began to refill Lake Montezuma.

However, the Coalition and everyone else has always know that there was a blockage in the buried pipe at Chipmunk Hollow.  It would have to be cleared out in order to increase the flow sufficiently to turn on the sprinklers and pump.  In bygone days a Cutting Pipeperson was sent into the pipe to attack the roots of those historic cottonwood trees.  This dangerous task was not considered an option by the Coalition.  Bids ranging from $3000 to $6000 were submitted by several sewage companies.  Since that size of payment was not in keeping with the RHC philosophy or barefoot budget, the only course was to wait.

Then Assistant Chief Dave Niehuis of the Montezuma-Rimrock Fire Division met Gareld Hardy Sr of CARS Auto Salvage of Rimrock and the community spirit was ignited again.  Dan Pentico brought his scope and located the blockage.  Then the Hardy Root Ball Liftfamily held a party at the pipe with family members Gareld Sr, Gareld Jr, Russell, and Tim all working together.  The pipe was cut open, the root ball lifted, and a new cap welded in place.  Suddenly water roared through the pipe and thrust forward with height at the top of the ditch rather than just trickling along. 

Meanwhile, another tree had fallen into the 3rd Fairway ditch.  Maury of Northern Arizona Saw Cutting and Coring came to the rescue this time with the timely removal of this obstructionSons of Ditches Shirtls before a dam was formed.

These volunteers donated their time, labor, materials, and equipment to perform and complete these tasks.

Thank you to all the Sons of Ditches!!!

Camp Verde Bugle
Thursday, July 07, 2011
Ranch House Coalition coalition closes deal on golf course, restaurant in Lake Montezuma
Steve Ayers
Staff Reporter
LAKE MONTEZUMA - There are two great powers in the universe -- irresistible forces and immovable objects.
Whenever they meet, one must give way to the other, be it through brute force or a little give and take.
click here for Bugle article

RHC Progress Report as of July 6, 2011

BCCDC Executive Board Members Janet Aniol, Kala Pearson, Walter Miller sign pre-closing financial docs with Frank Vocca at National Bank of Arizona
  • Fundraising & Membership Drive continues! -
  • Calls to Volunteer cashing in work pledges to begin according to clean up and construction schedule. 
More to come soon.

Camp Verde Bugle
Tuesday, June 28, 2011
Ranch House Coalition nears goal
Close of escrow set for July 5
Steve Ayers
Staff Reporter
Tuesday, June 28, 2011
Beaver Creek residents are keeping their eyes on the marquee in front of the Ranch House Restaurant, monitoring fund-raising progress and awaiting the close of escrow.
BEAVER CREEK - Although its is being described as two steps forward and one and a half steps back, the effort to purchase the Ranch House Restaurant and Beaver Creek Golf Course is getting close to its goal.

Over the last month and a half, members of the Ranch House Coalition, along with their devoted volunteers and supporters, have continued to raise money while attempting to stabilize the property -- all in hopes of closing escrow and taking possession on or about July 5.

"We are at $180,000. We need $190,000 for our down payment, but our goal remains $300,000. We will need more than the down payment to finish the job," says coalition President Kala Pearson.

Pearson says she is confident the coalition will have the money it needs to close escrow but making the close date will depend on when the current owners satisfying an outstanding IRS lien.

"The lien is expected to be taken care of sometime this week. We won't sign anything until we have a clear title. We do not want to inherit anything else," Pearson says.

The money appears to be coming in slightly easier than cooperation from the neighbors when it comes to restoring the irrigation system.

Although more than 200 bass, catfish and crappie were rescued from Lake Montezuma, more than 1,000 pounds of carp had to be hauled off to the Flagstaff landfill after two separate and unrelated incidents caused the lake to go dry.

In one incident a neighbor tapped into the ditch with a pump and caused the water level to fall. In another someone absconded with the equipment being used to regulate water levels.

"We've had some setbacks, but stuff happens," says coalition organizer Janet Aniol.

Aniol says the volunteers have had their share of difficulties rebuilding the system after it was left abandoned for two years.

"About two miles of ditch has been cleaned, but there are still some leaks that need repair," Aniol says. "And we have a stretch of pipe that will require another interruption to the water flow so it can be cleaned by specialized equipment. The bad news is that the condition of the lake won't get any better for a while."

The coalition is asking any neighbors to contact them at (928) 567-4083 before doing any work that could affect the irrigation system.

As for mowing the grass, Aniol says that will take place after the escrow closes.


The RHC Community Development LLC has collected 60% of its $300,000 pledge goal towards the acquisition and capital expenditure budget.   Call   (928) 567-4083 to arrange unit payment today.

The Ranch House Coalition volunteers have continued to do what they can on a property not yet owned by the community non-profit organization.  As we reported last time, two steps forward  then one & a half backward.

But the good news is that the paperwork has been signed and approved by the title company.  The purchase and title transfer is scheduled for July 5.  (This could slip a little later unless the seller settles one more lien on the property.)  So no work party this holiday week end.

200 living crappie, catfish and bass were rescued by Danny Lane and Lee VanDrome and relocated to the pond.  Last Sunday the Ladies of the Lake Dead Fish Removaland the Sons of Ditches removed 1000 pounds of dead carp from Lake Montezuma.  These were respectfully relocated for burial at the Flagstaff Landfill.   Chris and Simon Bosman donated their time, expertise, and equipment to jump start and regulate the water flow from the pond to the lake which began to refill.  However their equipment was removed by person(s) unknown overnight.   In addition a resident chose to pump water from the system.  These two actions dropped the level of the pond by a foot.   This again dried up the water flow to the lake.  Please don't do anything that affects the irrigation system without calling 567-4083 for a clearance to complete that action.  The consequences of tinkering with the ditches or ponds can be unexpected and harmful.

An irrigation system left untended for two years needs lots of cleaning and repairs.  About two miles of ditches have been cleaned by volunteers and some paid professionals.  There are still leaks to be fixed.  There is a stretch of pipe that needs cleaning by specialized equipment.  For this, the water flow will have to be cut off for several days.  The bad news is that the condition of the lake won't get better for a while, but when it can be refilled, the water will remain.  Meanwhile the diversion lakes have been mowed and cleared as a monsoon safety precaution.  Much additional mowing needs to be done and is scheduled to begin when the Coalition takes ownership of the property.

Coalition members, volunteers, and supporters, please watch the marquis in front of the Ranch House for the date and time of Transfer of Title Celebration and ground breaking ceremony on the Ranch House patio.

RHC Progress Report as of June 16, 2011

The RHC Community Development LLC has reached 55% of its fund raising goal of $300,000 towards the acquisition and capital expenditure budget.   Call   (928) 567-4083 for investment information and reserve your unit today.

membership drive is continuing.  RHC will be featured as "Business of the Week" Monday June 20 - Friday June 24 at National Bank of Arizona - Camp Verde Branch.  Pick up a membership sign-up brochure and JOIN TODAY.  Click here and sign up today to help preserve and restore this historic landmark. 


Beaver Creek area volunteers worked to clean out the ditches, clear away fallen trees and invasive plants and repair breaches.  Kudos to the Sons of Ditches / Lake Montezuma Young Backs / Brothers Family Tree Landscape /  area residents ALL WORKING TOGETHER TO GET WATER TO THE LAKE.  Over 200 fish were transplanted from the lake to the holding pond.  Rock dams at the ditch headwaters were altered to allow more flow.  Weirs at the ditch head water were patched and secured.  Water leakage from the pump house to broken fairways lines was cut off.  Major obstructions and diversions in the ditch running from the pond to the lake was removed.  Water is now flowing from the holding pond to the lake.  Crews are monitoring this flow daily.  There is a blockage in the irrigation pipes at Beaver Hollow.  Crews are evaluating the safest, most cost efficient way of removing tree roots growing in the pipe.  Removal of the tree roots will increase the water flow through the system and fill the lake more efficiently and quickly.  Beaver Creek levels are dropping due to less snow melt and up stream irrigation withdrawals.  These patches are temporary in nature and will require revisiting with more permanent solutions in the near future. 


Montezuma Rimrock Water Company provided 35,000 gallons of water from the clean out of its new well scheduled to serve the Montezuma Estates community.  Kudos to MR Water Co.  The Montezuma Rimrock Fire District transported the water releasing it on the trees along the Ranch House Restaurant, the driving range and a fairway.  The department also cut 2 of the dead trees on the fairway during a training exercise.  More to come as their schedule permits.  Kudos to the Men and women of your local fire district! 

Press Release - June 8, 2011


RHC Progress Report as of June 1, 2011

The RHC Community Development LLC has reached 33% of its fund raising goal of $300,000 towards the acquisition and capital expenditure budget. Additional pledges are expected to be deposited this week bringing the raised funds to $150,000.  The deadline to raise the balance is rapidly approaching. The Ranch House Coalition Core Action Team is working feverishly to reach its goal by June 30th.  Call (928) 567-4083 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            (928) 567-4083      end_of_the_skype_highlighting  for investment information and reserve your unit today. 

The membership drive is on.  The goal is to recruit 400 members for the Ranch House Coalition responsible for the initial support and restoration of the Ranch House Restaurant and 100 members for the Beaver Creek Golf Course Coalition responsible for the initial support and restoration of the golf course.  The present membership stands at 150.  The Coalition’s membership drive will be targeting residents of the Verde Valley and Flagstaff in addition to residents of the Beaver Creek area. Membership is open to individuals, families, businesses and area non-profit organizations. Click here and sign up today to help preserve and restore this historic landmark. 

Beaver Creek area volunteers were out in force, before Memorial Day weekend, armed with personal weed whackers, lawn mowers and various other implements of weed destruction, motivated to help spruce up the Beaver Creek Golf Course and Ranch House Restaurant grounds. The Ranch House Coalition received permission from the owners to make the grounds fire safe while also trimming trees and brush and weeding areas around the course. LMPOA provided the heavy equipment rental, fuel and operators and safety gear for the weekend event. The property has been dormant and neglected for the past two years.  Kudos to LMPOA and RHC Volunteers!


The Montezuma Rimrock Fire District will be coordinating a series of training exercises with neighboring fire districts watering the trees around the Ranch House and Fairways in an attempt to keep them alive until we can get the irrigation system up and running.  Additionally, they will be cutting the dead trees around the property to prevent the spreading of disease affecting them from lack of water.  Kudos to the men and women of your local fire district!

‘Sons of a Ditch’ Volunteer crews have been cleaning and making minor repairs of the irrigation ditches running from Chipmunk Hollow to the holding pond over the past several days.  This ditch system is the method by which the lake of Lake Montezuma is filled. The ditches are in need of major repair and continuous monitoring.  A ditch management team is being assembled who will be responsible for keeping the trails along the ditch cleared and the water flowing without breach or obstructions.  Free ‘Sons of a Ditch’ tee shirts are available to all volunteers working on the project. Click here for volunteer sign up.


5/15/2011 7:53:00 AM
Saving the Beaver Creek golf course and financing a community business venture
VVN/Steve AyersWith the purchase in escrow the work of raising money and restoring the Ranch House Restaurant and Beaver Creek Golf Course to their former glory begins. Over the next few weeks, organizers will be fundraising and coordinating volunteers to ensure the projects success.
VVN/Steve Ayers

With the purchase in escrow the work of raising money and restoring the Ranch House Restaurant and Beaver Creek Golf Course to their former glory begins. Over the next few weeks, organizers will be fundraising and coordinating volunteers to ensure the projects success.

Steve Ayers
Staff Reporter

BEAVER CREEK - The purchase and restoration of the Beaver Creek Golf Course and Ranch House Restaurant is arguably the largest community-financed business venture ever attempted in the Verde Valley.

After several months of intense and often adversarial negotiations with the current owners, the Ranch House Coalition, a loosely knit group of residents best described as a movement, signed a deal two weeks ago to purchase both properties on 120 acres for $970,000.

Success will take a long and costly commitment. But those behind the effort are deeply committed. None of them consider failure an option.

"There are more opportunities for success than there are for failure. There isn't anything we can't do working together," says Janet Anoil, president of the Lake Montezuma Homeowner's Association and the person heading up the financial side of the project.

The group's first challenge will be raising the $200,000 needed as a down payment, most of which will go toward back taxes and other encumbrances that have piled up since the last owners filed bankruptcy. The rest will cover other ancillary expenses including the $20,000 already expended in attorney fees.

To accomplish their goal the group has formed two corporations, Beaver Creek Community Development Corporation (BCCDC), a nonprofit corporation that will coordinate the restoration of the restaurant and the golf course, and RHC Community Development LLC to finance the purchase of the properties.

Within the BCCDC are two separate membership funds, one to pay for the restoration of the restaurant and one to pay for the restoration of the golf course.

Restaurant memberships run $100 to $3,000, golf course memberships $500 to $5,000. They are now being actively sold.

The LLC is an investment fund, initially being sold in 60, $5,000 units. The money will be placed in CDs as collateral to secure a bank loan for the purchase. Of the 60 units, 15 units are committed with five pending. The remaining 40 units are seeking investors.

Once the down payment is made there will be no payments due for six months. Then there will be a $1,500 a month payment for the next 18 months, followed by two years at $3,000 a month and the fifth year at $5,000 a month. A balloon payment will be due at the end of five years.

"We figure we are going to need at least $200,000 to refurbish the restaurant. The golf course will take additional planning and community input before we know how much we will need," says Kala Pearson, chairperson for the coalition.

Anyone interested in investing or helping with the financial side of the project is asked to contact Janet Aniol at  (928) 592-2839      .

Ranch House Coalition unveils restoration plans for property
By Steve Ayers
Staff Reporter

BEAVER CREEK - A deal has been struck. Escrow is open. Now the hard part begins.

A movement that began almost two years ago to rebuild and restore the landmark Ranch House Restaurant and Beaver Creek Golf Course is at last bearing fruit.

To their credit, the Ranch House Coalition, the group behind the project, is pragmatic, persistent and methodical. They understand the costs, the challenges and the realities of the project. And they realize its success will depend in large part on attracting others to the cause.

"We can do this. I have no doubt," says RHC chairperson Kala Pearson, "These properties are the community's past and future. The Beaver Creek community has always come together when they needed to. And we need to once again."

The group has a plan that will begin unfolding immediately.

It starts with the restaurant.

"Once we get the restaurant up and running we will have a revenue generator that will help carry the rest of the project. That's why we will be concentrating our initial effort there," says RHC Chairperson Kala Pearson.

"We have to address the health and safety issues first. We will need ADA compliant bathrooms, we will need to rewire the entire building, redo much of the plumbing and the fire suppression system. And we know we need to replace the roof. "

Pearson says the rebuilding of the restaurant will depend on volunteers.

"We can pay for some of the work, but we will try to limit that to those areas of expertise we can't find. We hope the volunteers will cut our renovation costs in half," she says.

Regarding the golf course, Pearson says that project will take some time. However, the group has enlisted a team of course designers and others familiar with the old course that have agreed to assist, at no cost.

"We are planning a golf and open space general meeting for May 26. At that meeting we will bring in Forest Richardson, a golf course architect with long standing ties to the course, along with David Snyder, nephew of the original course designer Jack Snyder, and Jack's brother Carl.

"They will help us assess what we can do with the property the way it is, and what the costs will be to bring it back to a nine-hole, or an 18-hole, or an executive course, and what other types of open space recreational uses we might consider," Pearson says.

She says the discussion may include the incorporation of amenities such as tennis courts or a dog park.

"Whatever we decide to do, it has to be of interest to a wider group of people in our community than just the golfers, yet it has to be something that can generate revenue. That is why the course is important and why it has to be of a caliber that will sustain itself,' Pearson says.

Simultaneous to the fundraising and planning efforts, volunteers will begin work on the golf course grounds immediately.

Volunteers are being sought for a work weekend, May 21-22.

"Our first goal will be to knock down all the weeds and rebuild the irrigation system so we can once again fill the lake," Pearson says. "Right now we have a need for many volunteers for many jobs, but the first is for an army of weed whackers and riding mowers."

For additional questions, to volunteer or help with the fundraising, contact Pearson at   (928) 567-4788      .
4/29/2011 1:26:00 PM
Beaver Creek Ranch House Coalition reaches agreement for takeover
Photo courtesy Janet Aniol
Photo courtesy Janet Aniol

After nearly a year of negotiations and many delays, members of the Ranch House Coalition announced Thursday that an agreement has been reached to take over the Ranch House Restaurant and golf course.

The not-for-profit group, Beaver Creek Community Development Corporation, will enter escrow with owners, Beaver Creek Golf Resort LLC, within the next few days. They intend to finalize the deal by July 1, just in time to have a work party before celebrating Independence Day at Sycamore Park.

"There are several Beaver Creek residents and investors that have pledged monies toward the purchase of the property," said Kala Pearson, president of the non-profit group, "and the time has come for everyone to make good on those pledges.

"We've had a lot of interest in the project from state and local officials and government agencies, and will be relying on them to help us obtain long term financing and grants to help develop the recreational facilities and irrigation systems," said Pearson.

Janet Aniol, president of the Lake Montezuma Property Owners Association and a director with the group, said, "Our first priority will be to get the weeds cut to avoid fire hazards in the area. We're putting a call out to the many volunteers to start work on the restaurant and course as soon as we get the keys. This includes cleaning and repairing the irrigation system that feeds Lake Montezuma, which is very important to residents," said Aniol.

In regards to previously heated negotiations, Pearson said, "Everyone had to take a step back and let things cool off. During that cooling-off period, a private party had offered to buy just the restaurant, which was later withdrawn. After nearly a month of due diligence, they discovered that the conditions and zoning were not conducive with their plans.

"We've said all along that this project was too cumbersome for any one private individual unless they are purely altruistic with deep pockets," said Pearson. "It will take the whole village to raise this child and make a go of it. Beaver Creek is the community to do just that."

Members of the Coalition can be reached at 928 592-2839 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            928 592-2839      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or 928 301-9317 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            928 301-9317      end_of_the_skype_highlighting, and at the Beaver Creek Adult Center at Rollins Square.

Ranch House Coalition Votes to Proceed...

November 22, 2010

After last Monday's Coalition Membership Emergency Meeting, the advisory board (Core Action Team) met to develop and review a course of action.  It was decided that the best approach was to go ahead with the initial plans for the restaurant, albeit broadening the fund raising efforts through the development of a CD secured loan fund with the local bank (National Bank of Rimrock) to handle the advance of $100k. Ranch House Coalition Sign

Also decided was to develop a special golf task force whose job it would be to come up with a plan for the golf course (use and financing).  A separate membership program will be established for those people interested in just the golf course as a golf course - separate and apart from the Ranch House Restaurant.  Although under the same Coalition umbrella, for now, it is geared towards golfers and corporations. 

Additionally, the lack of maintenance of the golf course and the lake is a big problem for the people owning property in Lake Montezuma.  Suggested was a voluntary assessment of $50.00 per year instituted by LMPOA to its members under a Lake Montezuma Beautification Program.  This fund can contribute to the maintenance of the golf course and the lake as people in the area will need to take a little responsibility for keeping it maintained to a level of safety.  LMPOA will be working on this over the next few weeks. 

The CAT team voted to immediately engage legal counsel, Tony Cullum, to complete the negotiations and commence the necessary paper work to solidify the lease purchase.  A new membership brochure outlining the membership level is being published for general distribution.

Camp Verde Bugle
Thursday, September 23, 2010
Setting a course: Ranch House Coalition presses on with acquisition
By Steve Ayers
Staff Reporter
VVN/Steve Ayers
The county has mandated that the Beaver creek Golf Course be kept trimmed, even though the owners have otherwise abandoned it. In the meantime the Ranch House Coalition, a group wanting to purchase the 104-acre property, is trying to gather community support and exploring acquisition options.
BEAVER CREEK - The Ranch House Coalition, a group of Beaver Creek residents wanting to rescue the former Ranch House Restaurant and golf course, has set a clear course for accomplishing their goal.

After mulling over a list of options last week, the group met again on Wednesday evening and began assigning responsibilities to the members.

One group will be visiting with those who made financial pledges of support of almost $30,000 to begin collecting those pledges.

A second group will begin gathering information so an educated estimate can be made of how much it will cost to resurrect and maintain the golf course, should the group successfully acquire the property.

A third group will begin sending out letters to all 5,000-plus homes in the Beaver Creek community to give everyone an update on the status of the golf course, explain the options for purchasing and maintaining the property, to solicit support and get a feel for how the community feels.

"We voted a long time ago to support the Ranch House Coalition," says Janet Aniol, president of the Lake Montezuma Property Association, "but this can't be one of those things that a few people of a few organizations will support. The community needs to be informed and show they are willing to help."

Ranch House Collation organizer Kala Pearson says the finance options being considered include the creation of a special improvement district, private financing, bank loans and/or the issuance of a private bond.

"We have had discussions with the owners' attorney and he has let us know that whatever it is we come up with, they are not going to carry the paper. It will have to be a cash deal," Pearson says.

She says representatives of the coalition met last week with county officials, and they are awaiting an opinion from Deputy County Attorney Randy Schurr on the feasibility of forming a special improvement district.

"The advantage of a district is that it can fund both the purchase and maintenance of the property. But they didn't quite know if it would work for us. So we are waiting to see if what we are proposing to do would be legal and, if so, how it would work," Pearson says.
Camp Verde Bugle
Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ranch House Coalition explores options

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Ranch House Coalition, a group of residents from the Beaver Creek community interested in buying the shuttered Ranch House Restaurant and golf course, is faced with many obstacles, not the least of which is the current owners’ insistence in asking more that the property’s fair market value.

LAKE MONTEZUMA - No matter how they go about it, the citizen group attempting to rescue the Beaver Creek golf course and Ranch House Restaurant has its work cut out.

At a Wednesday meeting of members and supporters of the Ranch House Coalition, organizer Kala Pearson laid out a list of options, in hopes of getting some sense of the community's wishes.

Among the options being explored is the creation of a Special Improvement District, which would pay for the property and its operations through a property tax, a low-interest loan underwritten by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the sale of private bonds.

There is also the option of waiting to see if a private party comes along and purchases the properties.

To date, the Ranch House Coalition has received $30,000 in pledges from the community. They have also made the owners, Rob Shabatka and Seth Williams, an offer of $500,000 for both the golf course and the restaurant.

Williams and Shabatka rejected the offer, according to Pearson, countering with a figure of $1.2 to $1.7 million.

"As far as the community is concerned, we have had a great response. As far as the owners are concerned, it has been a challenge," Pearson said.

After presenting several ads for golf courses across the country that are currently on the market, which indicated the price sought by the owners is considerably more than its current market value, Pearson gave those in attendance a breakdown of their financial options.

All have the their advantages and drawbacks, but perhaps the biggest obstacle, according to Pearson, is the inflated price being sought by the owners. Private lending institutions and the government require appraisals and neither will lend or permit borrowing in excess of fair market value.

"No one wants to pay more than it's worth. That's the crux of the whole thing," Pearson said.

Nevertheless, those attending the meeting unanimously agreed that they want to save the focal point of the Lake Montezuma community and that they need to do something.

What they ultimately do, however, will have to wait until they get a broader consensus of the community.

"We have decided to get a letter out to every property owner in the Beaver Creek community, explaining the situation and our options and trying to get a feel for where people are at," Pearson said.

"In the meantime we will be taking a look at creating the special improvement district. We have a meeting with the county to find out what we need to do, step by step."

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